Question Of Whether Some People Are Better Is A Sure Way To Determine If Someone Is Right-Wing

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest and commentator Hotep Jesus ( @Hotep Jesus on YouTube, @HotepJesus on Twitter) talk about what makes some peoplep better than others, and what observing this fact can say about your political leanings.

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829 Replies to “Question Of Whether Some People Are Better Is A Sure Way To Determine If Someone Is Right-Wing”

  1. Eshootzi Scrs

    Yeah let’s privatize fire departments, and then pay fire extortion to the fire department or they might get lost on their way to the fire.

    This guest has no real clue, nice guy but…..

  2. Numb

    conflation of a “relative” better and a “fundamental” better. A tall person being more likely to be better at basketball makes this person better at a relative goal, they are better with respect to an adjective, but not as a person – you can call this meritocratically better. If someone is treated or viewed as better than someone else due to some immutable or arbitrary quality (skin colour, religion, nationality, etc.) then the claim is that the person is a better human due to some fundamental quality of them – you can call this a supremacy better.
    Asking the question “are some people better than others?” deliberately (either intentionally or accidentally) conflates relative scales and fundamental scales, almost like its a bait-and-switch kind of question. If you answer yes, on the grounds of a relative better, the asker may hear it as you answering on the fundamental – thus, they can see you as a racist conservative.

    To live in a Western Liberal Democracy, means that our political systems operate with little regulation on the relative goal, because if you can’t discriminate based on qualifications, then you’d end up with doctors who would only have their lack of qualifications revealed when the operating table turns into the autopsy table. But we have strict regulations on the fundamental as it is unfair, unwarranted, unjust and undemocratic, and fundamentally irrelevant to a functioning society to hold it for or against someone, as a person, based on immutable or arbitrary qualities of that person.

    Conflating these two, occurs at our peril, as equality can never exist for a relative, but it can exist for the fundamental as every person is a human individual, which is legally enshrined as such, before any other category can be applied.

  3. Jose Diaz

    I hate how this moron says that only in the US people don’t put their shopping carts back in place and no other country would.
    Newsflash I’m Dominican 🇩🇴 and everyone over there don’t put the shopping cart back in place, I live in Montreal Canada and everyone over here don’t do it either.

  4. Noah Long

    “Better” without context is open to interpretation. Answering your question without context, to me, indicates the one answering is inherently irrational, biased, judgmental, and/or unable to think critically or exercise discernment in a neutral, peaceful manner.

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