Conversation About Lockdowns HIGHLIGHTS The Differences Between Safety And FREEDOM

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest and commentator Hotep Jesus ( @Hotep Jesus on YouTube, @HotepJesus on Twitter) talk about the lockdowns, and how proponents of the lockdowns are on the side of safety, while most conservatives find themselves on the side of freedom.

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743 Replies to “Conversation About Lockdowns HIGHLIGHTS The Differences Between Safety And FREEDOM”

  1. Bloodreign137

    I didn’t grow up super wealthy but one of the most powerful memories I have growing up is when my family saved for a few years and went on a vacation for a few days in Mexico and my stepdad made us go to the worst part of town that he could find and make my sister and I see how they were living. Never took anything for granted again

  2. Robert Singleton

    Ian… man seriously look into stoicism don’t care about things you can’t control. Living life based on what ifs leads to fear and anxiety.

    “Where do I look for good and evil? Not to uncontrollable externals, but within myself to the choices that are my own.”

  3. Jonathan

    It’s amazing how yous are in the US but it’s like we share the same concerns in the UK… small business is being killed off and our green policies are strangling with extra unchangeable running costs.

  4. SHLim13

    This video has improved my opinion of Ian, he’s not necessarily a pessimist, he’s someone who wants to make sure both sides of an issue are acknowledged, if the people around him only talk about how stuff is bad, he’ll tell them how great it is but if they only talk about how stuff is good, he’ll remind them about the bad

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