Zuckerberg REFUSES To Censor Donald Trump, SLAMS Twitter For Their Censorship Of Trump

In a somewhat surprising twist, Mark Zuckerberg says something reasonable and defends the President’s right to free speech on his platform. Tim opines that Jack Dorsey seems well-intentioned, but naive, and explains the Fediverse as an alternative to platforms like Twitter.

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1,119 Replies to “Zuckerberg REFUSES To Censor Donald Trump, SLAMS Twitter For Their Censorship Of Trump”

  1. Dr. Roberts Laboratory

    I keep hearing to honor a man that spent 5 years in prison for pistol whipping a black pregnant woman. He invaded her home looking for drugs and guns. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he put his gun to her unborn baby inside of her then beat her with his gun. So please tell me children why should we honor him.

  2. Roman Fury

    I love this podcast, the girl in the backs microphone is too loud,and she ummm’s a little too much for me. Which one of y’all is she messing with? I’m guessing that’s the only reason she’s on the show.. 😂

  3. Jessica Pleasant

    Tweet on looting leads to shooting, they get all upset by Trump’s words, and miss the point! Always do, huh?

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