Women’s Sports Are Being REDEFINED Out Of Existence, Critical Theory Changes Words To Fit Narrative

Tim and Colin Wright, PhD (@swipewright on Twitter) discuss the ways in which men and women are different in the arena of sports.

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103 Replies to “Women’s Sports Are Being REDEFINED Out Of Existence, Critical Theory Changes Words To Fit Narrative”

  1. Strange Boy

    Race =/= skin color =/= culture

    Race is much more than just skin color. There are numerous physical differences besides skin colour that make different races look different. Facial bone structure, nose shapes, lip sizes, hair type and texture, eye shape, eyelids, hair and eye colours, body proportions all differ and then there are also underlying genetic differences, like the lactose tolerance of Europeans that Tim mentioned. Please let’s just stick to using the term “race” because skin colour is a disingenuous and inaccurate over simplification.

  2. RN1441

    I’m actually in favor of removing gender segregation from sport. The question of who’s actually a man or a woman will cease to matter, and nations can stop wasting vast quantities of money fielding two teams.

  3. Eduardo Pena

    We are supposed to have 3 bathrooms now right? Now we can have 3 sports. 1 for naturally born men. 1 for naturally born female, and then 1 for whomever wants to live as the gender they weren’t born as. Problem solved.

  4. The Virtorian

    XX sports and XY sports. There is literally nothing they can do to deny the existence of chromosomes, wordplay would be irrelevant.

  5. Delai Lama

    It’s great. Sport, like everything else, shouldn’t be segregated. One league for everyone in every sport. Easiest way to kill the gender pay gap in sport arguments.

  6. darkwing dook

    if tim is interested in the genetic evolution of certain group of people, he should check the bajau people of indonesia, called fish people or sea nomad.
    their genes make their lungs different from us commoners

  7. Scrubs R/C

    Men can’t enter womens sport but women can enter mens, Jack Nicols ulset womens golf when they let a woman in to the mens tour so he said he was going to play in the womens and they went mad

  8. I Smash Back

    “Reality/science has a progressive bias.”

    Sure, if you believe they’re nothing but a social construct.
    Otherwise, Darwinism is VERY conservative over time.

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