Woke Twitter SHREDS Ellen DeGeneres For Comparing Lockdown To Being In Jail

In this segment, the bored people on the show make fun of other bored people on social media for faking outrage over a joke by a comedian.

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1,984 Replies to “Woke Twitter SHREDS Ellen DeGeneres For Comparing Lockdown To Being In Jail”

  1. James Ingram

    I have never been a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan but she puts on a fun show. Is she a monster? I don’t know. Do I care? Not really. I don’t know her. all I really do know is she was nice to George W. Bush and that makes her a monster to the woke left. No more funny talk show for you!

  2. cjr1881

    No, they are actually gay by choice because they want any kind of sex they can get in most cases. It is not a rape thing.

  3. Matthew Caldwell

    You realize that even lampooning this nonsense you are spreading it. Do we hear anything from you about how the prison system is causing the pandemic to cut through prisoners? How they are doing this in immigration camps?

  4. J

    This is such a perfect encapsulation of the leftist death spiral. Privileged elites who have never been to jail, and do not know the difference between jail and prison, ragging on another privileged elite who has never been to jail and doesn’t know the difference between jail and prison, for comparing not being able to leave a place to being in jail. I actually think her joke was funny. it wasn’t really a prison rape joke. also jails don’t have a really high amount of rape. and after the prison rape elimination act, where funding for prisons is cut if they don’t adhere to some pretty decent changes such as not having places with no windows, and I believe group showing is out as well, rape has dropped off at least to some degree, and I am pretty sure there are efforts to decrease it even more. not that the journalists would know about that because “I am here to save the day! you there – tell me your pathetic little problems and I will solve them!” and all. but just.. this has everything. aggressive ignorance. aggressive arrogance. attempts to cancel over a joke that some find distasteful and others find funny. shouldn’t you only be able to call out ellen if you are gay? or if you are an even ‘more oppressed’ minority? oh wait. journalist. the MOST oppressed minority there is I guess. so that is why the blue checks get to call anyone they want out lol.

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