Will Huawei CFO Be Extradited? | China Uncensored

At long last, the United States moves to extradite #Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. Another foreigner is detained in China. Plus, a billion-dollar money laundering syndicate in Macau.

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981 Replies to “Will Huawei CFO Be Extradited? | China Uncensored”

  1. Transplanted Local

    There’s no such thing as legal rights in China. I used to work in China and my supervisor accused me of trying to spread rumors. What a joke. They should have the same rights that they enjoy in their country and should be treated that same way.

  2. Clips on Clips

    Ahhahaha dumb bitch.. china tapped my phone btw i got it from a land and road initiative country.. so fuck whoevers reading this too slut

  3. Ezrael Cadris

    So they arrested her just because she is Huaweis CFO? no criminal charges`? seems legit wowow world police USA

  4. Dale Steadman

    Fast forward 1 year, Ms Meng is now one step closer to extradition to the US, I worry the CCP will use “hostage diplomacy” on the American citizens in China.

  5. Aurora Peña

    crazy about the national anthem. why isn’t it required by international students in china?? i work at an international school and it’s never been required. why would it be at international schools in hong kong?

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