Why the New Atheists Failed | ft. @DarkMatter2525, @ADAM FRIENDED & @The Fourth Age)

New Atheism was one of the first communities conquered by social justice, and I think DarkMatter2525 and Adam Friended’s discussion hovered around the point of why, where RJ is hammering the point home consistently.

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2,338 Replies to “Why the New Atheists Failed | ft. @DarkMatter2525, @ADAM FRIENDED & @The Fourth Age)”

  1. Dragon's Red

    New Athiests bet on Science and reason to save humanity. They were dead wrong, because they over estimated what usefulness Science has and failed to see humans are far from logical in their nature.

  2. Grey Kyanos

    athiesm+ should be held up as an object lesson of what happens whenever you destroy a system without having something to replace it with.

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