Who Is The Silent Majority Everyone Keeps Talking About, Do They Even Exist At All??

With head-spinning speed, the world has changed to the point that CNN has declared Mt Rushmore a monument to and by slave-owners on the day before Independence Day. Tim and Adam discuss what all this cultural change may look like to the average American.

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3,477 Replies to “Who Is The Silent Majority Everyone Keeps Talking About, Do They Even Exist At All??”

  1. Richard Le

    I am one of silent majority .. I am Biggest Trump Supporter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Ben Pritchard

    The silent majority is real, and given our cancel culture, more silent than ever. Cancel culture, is breading a bigger silent majority!

  3. david Saenz

    The silent majority are the people who have jobs family to support and dont have the time to protest. We do vote though!!! I have not not taken part in any polls which target college students with no worry of taxes, health insurance property values and prefer no law andorder.

  4. Bubba Cook

    Tim Pool, I personally know a couple hundred of the silent majority and they are being forced into feeling a certain way to these “special needs social groups” whether it’s BLM or LGBTQ or ANTIFA or any other racist or prejudice or communist groups you can think of and they are number 1 arming up, buying stores and companies out of guns and bullets, they are beginning to feel pure unadulterated hate for these groups that they never felt before but they feel the straight white Male is under attack and being hunted down like dogs, so they are preparing in their mind and in reality for a war, wether it’s a race war, a civil war, a political war, and i’m not talking about your 5th generation war crap, i’m talking real war in order to save their own lives and their children’s lives and their friends and families lives, realistically you and your family lives matter without hesitation more than anyone else’s lives, and that’s where they stand at this point!!!!

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