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  1. Greg Dane

    Ironic isnt it that the single most people owning slaves during the civil war were black people! They made up the most slave owners in American history, but this individual would rather create racial divide than admit to history.

    History is just that – HISTORY it is WHAT came before and WHERE we learned from our mistakes and became the nation we have. You can tear down monuments but you will NEVER erase history. We honor those who made history because they contributed to the formation of a nation – right or wrong – white, black or indian; they all are a part of history.

    Get over it – accept it because you cannot rewrite it. You can try and deny it, hide it or ignore it – but it will ALWAYS be history. “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
    ― Edmund Burke. This is WHAT BLM and Antifa want – to repeat the mistakes of the past – and they are fast pushing the people of this nation to do just that. And this time it will be on their heads alone!

  2. Kim Smith

    Frederick Douglas was born a slave…but strove to be the best that he could be.
    He was born on Valentines Day, in 1818. (We would not celebrate the holiday until 1856, when the NYT’s ran an editorial about making Feb 14, a National Celebration).
    When he was approx 10 yrs old he was sold to the Auld family, it was with this family that he learned to read and write. The wife taught Frederick while she was teaching her own children. This was a Death Penalty offense at the time. Yet this woman bravely sat Frederick, with her own children…and taught him everything she taught them.
    Frederick left there when he was still a teenager, and went north to NYC. He spent his time befriending abolishment women and teaching other poor Blacks and Whites to read. In the mid-19th century…it was rare for poor children to go to school…regardless of race.
    Frederick Douglas went on to become a Statesman, He became a U.S. Ambassador to Haiti. He spent his life fighting to end slavery…but also forgiving slave owners for “a tradition that dated back to long for anyone to remember”. In 1858, he started the Frederick Douglas High School, the 2nd school created for Black students. In 1881, President Benjamin Harrison made Frederick Douglas an Ambassador to Haiti. He remained in this position until 1881. He was a great man
    Here are a few quotes from this great man…BLM fools could learn a tremendous amount of wisdom from history:
    “Men may not get all that they work for in this world, but they must work for all that they get”.
    “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.
    “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist”

    Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

  3. Kim Smith

    We cannot judge History by today’s values and norms. Imagine if we tried to figure out what we will be judged for…250 yrs from no. Can you remotely guess what our future descendents will believe is right or wrong? I know that I can’t.
    History can only be judged in the Timeline that it occurred in. Historians create a timeline for a specific era…and then examine what every country and continent of people were doing. How were they living, what were the norms for that period…If one group were doing something…that is so outside of the bounds of how every other group of people behaved and acted…then that group needs to be examined more closely. Where their behaviors harming innocent people, where they the only group of people behaving this way, etc…
    But if every group was acting in the exact same way, even if people were being hurt…then it was the norm for that period of history.
    Blacks were enslaved…but they also owned slaves…a fact that is ignored by BLM and the Democrats. American Indians, the Chinese, Asians, Mexicans, Brazilians, incans, Aztecs, Eskimo’s, Tahitians…etc, etc, etc…all owned slaves…and if BLM continues to destroy all of the countries of Western Civilization… the first thing to return will be slavery. Life is hard. If we had to create our own food, build our own housing, plant the fields and then protect them so that no one else can steal the food… life would become even harder… and then, if we get in an armed battle trying to protect our women, children and food supply…if we won the battle and were not taken as slaves ourselves…we would be stuck with some of our enemy who had not died in battle. We would not leave this person to defend our property…because he would run back to his people…and they would return and kill us. We would not leave them in the house with the women and children, cooking, cleaning, and making clothing. No, we would put them in the fields to grow food…since this person would have to eat too.
    This is slavery. Americans did not create slavery…it is a tradition as old as life itself. Every race of people, group, village and tribe had slaves…and every group, village, and tribe was enslaved. It all depended on who won what battles. The only difference for the Black slaves…is that 70 yrs ago, the Democrats decided to use slavery as a way to win the Black vote. Sadly, there have now been 4 generations of people…who have been taught that White people are demons and that they were the only people to ever be slaves, who had been enslaved by White people. The Democrats have used hate and lies…so that every Black voter would vote for them…which is psychotic.
    Thankfully, today…millions of Black Americans are waking up to the truth. the only white racists are the Democrats…for they have destroyed every inner city…they have destroyed the Black family, hooked the kids on drugs, and destroyed the inner-city schools so that no one would discover the truth…Blacks also owned slaves, and Black Tribal Elders, Kings, and Queens sold their own people to the Muslim Slave Catchers…(who’s descendents are still trading in slaves today…they sell them into the Arabian and Chinese countries).

  4. Tiempo Nuevo

    LOL Trump forgot Will Rogers…I think he was a base ball player from Oklahoma (Native American), he was also a great speaker and humorist.

  5. Tiempo Nuevo

    An many more people deserve to be in that Garden of American History. We need to put it in the Mid west so that every one has equal access to going to the park.

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