What HAPPENED To Millennials, And How Did We Get Where We Are Now??

Tim asks a simple question about members of a militant left-wing group, and the answer spirals into conversation about what led us to this mess, tracing back to education and the enforced structure and ideals placed on young people.

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2,943 Replies to “What HAPPENED To Millennials, And How Did We Get Where We Are Now??”

  1. Wolfhelm The Police Pupper

    as a furry myself sometimes I want to voice some opinion but I know that I’ll be attacked by other furries and be forced out of the fandom. we used to be a great community but now it’s just a political dumpster fire

    • Wolfhelm The Police Pupper

      It’s sad because I used to talk openly of my political views when I felt I needed to say something but now Ive learned to just stick to talking about my other hobbies with other furs, I know I should be more vocal but I know I’ll just be called fascist and a Nazi from me being more conservative and enjoying imperial German history

  2. Павел Самойлов

    A lot of people in furry community are poorly treated loners who seek social interaction in tolerant fandoms. Lots of prey for extremists.

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