What Civil War Looks Like And How The Media Helps Frame It

Tim believes the civil war is here, and people are starting to agree with him. Adam’s not convinced, but one thing they both agree on is the media’s attempts to make it happen by twisting reality.

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891 Replies to “What Civil War Looks Like And How The Media Helps Frame It”

  1. Sean Nissen

    We could have a full on real old style civil war going on and the media would be making enough useful idiots thinking only some fringe far right people were targeting innocent protesters

  2. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    @Timcast IRL it looks like YouTube is doing the same thing to you as they’re doing to the likes of Rick Beato and Yellowflash, ad bombing all your videos. Rick Beato even did a video about it the other day.
    They’re hoping people will get pissed off with the large amount of ads on your videos and stop watching them. Try watching your videos in incognito mod without an Ad Blocker.

  3. trexdrew

    All those of the far left believe we’re going in stride towards the utopia of Star Trek and the Federation. Meanwhile everything they’re doing is pushing us closer to what’s dubbed “the sustainable war” in Ghost in the Shell. Where corporations are even more powerful and “As a result of these wars the global geopolitical landscape has become heavily balkanized, with even formerly strong developed countries like the United States divided into smaller, less stable competitors. Civil wars and non-state revolutionary movements pose a constant security threat worldwide, and the millions of refugees displaced by the global tumult have become a major problem.”

    We’re living in Ghost in the Shell with all of the atrocities and none of the cool tech.

  4. Noxious Lousion

    Go to this u have in general twenty people u talk to ten u may talk to every month 5 u may have serious discussions with 2or3 the r confidants. In social media u can have 1,000.00’s if not millions. Yet how many of them would u actually show ur self to.Media rides on BullShit these days ,opinions so said.To further there own beliefs.Well cut urself off. To a certain extent. Go with those 2to10 people look around urself.Urself not everyone else’s narrative. Talk to ur kids.Discuss ur Thinking. Don’t argue ur point to them.This isn’t doing the dishes.Its small increments of talking to 2to 10 people that u know that makes more of a difference it’s personnel more so then social media.U walk up to me and start talking shit about my kids.Ur resting place will be in a hog pen. People with no true steak sling insults on media.When it comes face to face nothing.

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