We Might Be Approaching A Mini Ice Age, The SUN Is On Lockdown, Too??

Tim and Adam discuss an article about how the sun appears to be going into a ‘lockdown’, and all the concomitant issues that might bring.

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102 Replies to “We Might Be Approaching A Mini Ice Age, The SUN Is On Lockdown, Too??”

  1. MndzVlz

    For once, I would like to hear that lady saying something other than… “yeah” “that’s pretty cool” or repeating the same thing that was just being said. the cringe is INSANE!

  2. sleeknub

    Back in the little ice age, we couldn’t take advantage of oil and gas and we didn’t have electricity. This solar minimum is likely going to be a fairly minor, but perhaps expensive, issue. So much journalism is just sensationalist garbage.

  3. sleeknub

    “Primary source of heat and light” – that has to be one of the biggest understatements (especially regarding light).

  4. Fred Ubar

    Thank god they are telling us we are in the middle of global warming so it will counter the ice age and we will be fine.

  5. Ricky Blessed

    It’s time for y’all to connect yourself with Jesus Christ, our savior. The devil is made to destroy us go deep thinking about the world. Jesus is coming god bless you all feel no fear my brothers and sisters 🤝🙏

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