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  1. Nouney Hill

    I saw a clip from a Trump Rally and I did not like it; however, I wondered if it was bait of some kind…
    It suggested that Trump participated in the “Big Club” as an insider — “WAS NOT ALL BAD, even now;” was it an invitation related to his training under that “Cohen Real Estate”-man? I did not like it… what have you heard? Recent polls suggest that if it was a fake, Trump should have gotten ahead of it immediately because his support is down compared to Biden — I find it hard to believe he had nothing to say… HOWEVER, it the polls suggest that Biden is gaining, then perhaps something else is afoot… Not moving the 2019-tax due date may be considered a real problem for his campaign and keep business owners. Why is it falling apart now?

    SGTreport, you have had the most clear information and none of that dematra-stuff so I am asking — what do you know about all of this? The republicans have no solution if something happens to Trump in the public-eye just before the election… DOES the republican party want the V.P. How many people want the V.P. in the lead position? I think he is from the Mitt-camp all the way. I have seen things which did not support Trump from the rank and file in upstate NY. Trump moving to Florida also did not sit well in many people’s mind. Those others out there with the “JFK Jr.”-card are quickly losing their window…

    I was attacked using a 4 inch insect which normally should be 1-3/4 inches long… this thing probably straight out of the rain forest… Then another WS bait out of equity markets… I just don’t see why he did not move the taxes until NEXT September to provide all “everyone” a breather and not just K.West and Equity Markets…we always could pay our bill but so many business owners are on the ropes it did not seem fair to me for WS to get so much help and the rest of the tax payers had to come up with the money… I think people are working against him from within the republican party…where is Q in all of this?

    Did you hear about the recent tests on covid… which were done on those who died which suggests that clotting was the ONLY issue and related to bacteria. If this is true then we were lied to about all of it… and if true — this would be used in the closing hours of the election process… WHAT IS GOING ON, do you know? NO ONE should be asking Patriots to close their eyes to the facts, not even to support the President when innocent people died who may not have needed to die!

    BTC raised money for some project and I hope the President is considering that terrorism might be why…

    SGTreport does not have to answer me, POTUS’ polling numbers tell a story even under bias!

  2. Jim Butler

    *Excellent documentary on the other channel! I subscribed! Brings back memories when I went to see Alex Jones at Webster Hall in NYC. We chanted “9/11 was an inside job” in the streets!*

  3. CounterBalanceToday

    Sean you better start creating channels in BitChute, LBRY and more, yesterday YouTube deleted Press for Truth channel, he was demonetized a year ago and he continue to expose the cabal until YouTube decided to erase his 14 years of real journalism

  4. Renaissance Man

    I don’t understand how a truther, “christian” truther still believe in politicians, trump/ obama. Q-ANONSENSE,

    There is ONLY olny ONE truth,. Its JESUS CHRIST.

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