Walmart Tweets INSULT At US SENATOR, Sparking Boycott Threat Backlash

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia host Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity to discuss the recent corporate Twitter account of Walmart apparently accidentally tweeting a pointed retort to Senator Josh Hawley.

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1,348 Replies to “Walmart Tweets INSULT At US SENATOR, Sparking Boycott Threat Backlash”

  1. the LifeSentence2278

    I don’t like the grants and subsidies that pick these people Bezos Musk and others and make them billionaires through government fiat or edicts.

  2. Mr J

    Terminator 2 is the only sequel that wasnt shit. And you’ll think 2021 is gonna be a good year 😂
    No government in history has ever given rights back after taking them away. This is the new norm.

  3. GeekyBugle

    Idiot: GMO’s bad!

    Me: no imbecile, some corporations that make GMOs are bad, do some research and educate yourself about golden rice and go try and eat “natural” corn.

  4. buckmasterarkansas

    I will say, with the insect question and pesticides, I’d invite any of them to come spend a summer night outside in southeast Arkansas without being eaten alive by mosquitoes as it is

  5. Joseph Schley

    I refused a job there because they were offering 9 hr shifts with not great pay and hours that did not work with my schooling. Walmart is a secret monopoly, especially here in west Texas where there is a Walmart in nearly every town and city. Here in Amarillo, we have at least 6 or 7 stores in the area. Thats too many. Plus 2 sams. They have a monopoly here. Habitually going to Walmart will be hard to break, but I will give it a go because I’m tired of seeing more of these stores.

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