Vox Journalist IMMEDIATELY Apologizes To Woke Twitter Mob For REASONABLE Stance On Abolishing Police

Vox journalist Zack Beauchamp made the ultimate error of questioning current left-wing political dogma and was forced to immediately retract it. Tim and Adam break down this record-time kowtowing.

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919 Replies to “Vox Journalist IMMEDIATELY Apologizes To Woke Twitter Mob For REASONABLE Stance On Abolishing Police”

  1. SpyengoEen

    Every. Single. Person. bending the knee and even *apologizing* to the woke twitter mob is nothing but a pathetic worm in my eyes, and has lost any respect I could potentially ever give this person. It’s like the lowest form of existence.

  2. Daelyn75 Games

    Don’t be stupid Tim, all this leftist crap is from the globalist funding, and pushing this ideology. Get rid of their influence and all SJW garbage will go away.

  3. Tommy Jacobs

    A solution to poverty? Expand the accessibility of trade schools in impoverished areas. If you cant find your purpose sitting at a desk, I bet you’ll find it in a trade school shop class.

  4. cp1cupcake

    So ~3% of NYT staff (using 2019 numbers from stastica) is enough to destroy any semblance of impartiality. ThEy SmArT.

  5. cp1cupcake

    “The police are evil and must be abolished.”
    “Ok, so we should have martial law instead.”
    “But that seems to address our concerns in a way we do not want.”

  6. milcoll73

    youre wrong adam. most conservatives want to figure out solutions. its just that weve been yelled at, kicked around, and marginalized for so long that we have no time nor inclination to engage in it any more. this is where the left has pushed us. i dont like it. not one damn bit. but here we are. help me fix it!!!

  7. Hey HEY

    Equality is not being the same. It is simply being allowed the same opportunities as anyone. That being said if the economic system does tilt to certain abilities that result in bad outcomes for entire groups something needs to be done.

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