Voter Fraud Is A DISTRACTION, It Is NOT The REAL Issue Everyone Should Be Focusing On

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest and journalist Michael Tracey (@MTracey on Twitter) discuss the ways in which voter fraud plays a role in what people think of the election – and how big a role fraud actually should play in our understanding of what happened on election day.

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1,631 Replies to “Voter Fraud Is A DISTRACTION, It Is NOT The REAL Issue Everyone Should Be Focusing On”

  1. Carol Carrillo

    Legislatures are the only legal way to change election laws. In GA, thete’s massive fraud already exposed and a state revote should now occur. Our Gov, Lt,Gov, and Sec. of State are all crooked. No water main broke in Fulton Co.A urinal in the counting center overflowed and was repaired in an hour. At 22:30,the
    counters all left, but the Dem.counters returned for an additional 3 hours. Millions of fraudulent were found and a top lawyer is filing suit in Fed. Ct. Not even close to being over.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅

  2. Bob

    This dude starts mumbling and looking away every time he knows he’s wrong and tries to dismiss facts. Poor guy, he’s totally letting the Dems walk all over him.

  3. Steve Jordan

    Dude… this is someone faced with truth but doesn’t want look it in the face…. your guest just Lili to here himself talk…uh.. search for the big words,…uh….

  4. Amaro Lionheart

    Greeting Tim, I predict Trump is going for the 12th amendment path to victory and running down the clock. I am a Democratic Candidate for Governor of Florida, let’s have a discussion. I am running as a populist candidate laser focused on the issues. We are about action. To give you an idea one of the issues we have been focused on since 2019 and I have taken a public stance is the full pardoning every single nonviolent drug offender in the state within minutes of swearing in, amongst other issues will we take action to address. Let have a discussion a civilized discussion.

    This gentleman is confused this has happened before in American history because in 1820’s 12th amendment was used to decide to the president so this has all happened before.

  5. TechNitWit

    Dude have you not been looking in the the Hole Dominion Whiles Blowers thing? If even one of the things they sate is a fact There was some massive fraud going Down. Votes Being Deleted, Votes Being Swapped. Also they have came forward and after what they did to the USPS postal worker I understand why they are not making there names Public. The employees of Dominion say they have evidence of it.

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