Video Emerges Of Chinese Professor Bragging Biden Is Compromised And Only Trump Stood In China’s Way


Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host guest and lawyer Will Chamberlain to discuss what to do about a recent video of a Chinese professor smugly acknowledging that China holds significant sway over American politicians – including Joe Biden.

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975 Replies to “Video Emerges Of Chinese Professor Bragging Biden Is Compromised And Only Trump Stood In China’s Way”

  1. Dm Drae

    So the left says Russiagate, the Right says Chinagate. Doesn’t it make more sense it’s the rich & political elite vs the rest of us? How is this still being misconstrued?

  2. Secureteam55

    Socialism is the entry drug to communism …..China was imperial then capitalist ,soon after socialist to finally end up communist ……any other example ?

  3. Sam Thomas

    This story will never be shown. MSM will never show this story. Or any story about China. Notice the Russia hacking story. And then this is coming out. And no one is investigating it. Beijing Biden.

  4. wesley ooms

    Government can’t print money. Government loans money from the federal reserve. And who owns the fed? Musk’s and zuckerberg’s uncle. The rockefellas, Soros, Bezos, Buffet. Why FB, Tesla never goes bankrupt? They have infinite resources. China has it’s currency coupled to US dollar so in theory they can never outbeat US (unless you go to a cashless society). So you fools just have to print more money to stay ahead of China. Clean up the deep state and take back the fed before those dumb fools democrats put you on to a cashless society because that’s when you’re screwed and China will take over the US. They will tell you to wear a mouth diaper. They will jab you with a deadly vaccine. They will surveillance you with 5g and take away your money and put you in a communist police state Wake up you fools. Ask the Cubans, they see this coming from miles away because they know where to look at. All the signs are there. Your elite won’t do it because they already have the power.

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