104 Replies to “Vice President Pence on how important it is for students to be together with their peers”

  1. Roger Nguyen

    Trump lies about all things
    He doesn’t care about deaths
    The USA is chaired by a incompetent fool
    😂😂😂😂 Shame on him 😂😂😂😂
    Don’t forget to Vote This Nightmare Outtt

  2. funksailor

    Melania, only one in America not getting boned by Bunker Boy Trump. He Ramp Waddles after her to get some. She hands him water cup. He grabs cup w 2 hands. Melania escapes gross encounter. Smart. Trump as Lincoln or as Toad?

  3. The Viking

    Appears there are so many FOOLS that support a major criminal. The WH Demon and his bunch of beasts has to go! Stop the atrocities, America wake up!!!! You’re being pulled down a big sinkhole!

  4. 1kindstone 1kindstone

    No parent in the United States would ever put their children in the way of being harmed from the coronavirus.
    Children are not immune they will spread this virus. Even more efficiently than adults do.
    Please keep your children away from crowded classrooms with bad ventilation and with nowhere to run from the coronavirus.
    Best possible solution is to continue virtual learning through the internet.
    Accordingly for at least the next three years..
    If no one believes this..
    Then do what you will but in 3 years
    What is being said in this opinion will come true..
    No one no matter their age is protected from covid-19 or the coronavirus.
    Diminishing and disabling the next generation of adults is exactly what the trump-pence administration is doing.
    Can you bring your children safe.

  5. James Pyle

    Get it together and stop blowing smoke up or skirts while we rot in our homes watching our business die and Walmart become Nazi thugs. At this point you’ve lost my vote

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