Vanderbilt Players LITERALLY CRIED When Female Player Made Historic First Kick

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host guest and lawyer Will Chamberlain to discuss the cultural implications of the historic Vanderbilt team member who made that historic kick.

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1,248 Replies to “Vanderbilt Players LITERALLY CRIED When Female Player Made Historic First Kick”

  1. Glowingsme

    Let’s put our modern day sports in terms of history and they are essentially modern day “gladiator rings”. They distract the masses with relatively cheap entertainment and distract massively from paying attention to things that are actually occurring with the republic.

    Similar speaking, movies, tv, and music is an alternative “distraction” to pay attention to people “pretending” on a big screen/ stage to entertain and distract from OR propagandize an audience to accepting paradigms of reality that aren’t necessarily good for society. Like the CIA creating a ton of “terrorist” bad guys constantly and a “good guy” American having to save the day and possibly use torture as a technique to save the day. And in the meantime, in the real world, torture is illegal in any type of warfare and is an offense that can have a person tried under the Genova Convention. It was decided after WW2. Getting the country who was big on saying “NO” to torture, to accept torture, is sad and offensive to the public.

    And what did the people in charge of torture and war do? They used sports to propagandize patriotism. Before 2000, there weren’t air force flying over stadiums or a big time production of singing anthems with the team on stage. That was done pre-entering the stadium. And there weren’t a whole shit ton of scary terrorist from the Middle East. Mainly it was bad guys from USSR OR for a tiny bit, South Africa when they had their big time of direst over apartheid. Since 2000, all of a sudden, the Middle East area is to fear… Prior, they were men wearing dresses and shooting guns in caves. The only reason they all became scarier and more advanced in weaponry, training, and tech is due to the increased billions of out tax dollars swimming around in formerly starved nations. Our CIA has spent more time, money, and training propping up so-called “moderate” gangs of Muslim men for the USA to fear and dump more money into an area that shouldn’t even be players in the world arena game. 20yrs our nation has spent pouring money and resources into an area that would rather us just go away and leave them alone. It’s ridiculous.

    So, now, the boogeyman on the playing board is going to be “socialism” and Venezuela. Start expecting scary people from South America to be the newest targeted areas. People in South America choosing to take a more social democratic viewpoint is bad for capitalists in this country… and Venezuela sitting on more oil than all of the Middle East is an affront to the oil execs than even Cuba existing. Trump couldn’t get that war started. I’m assuming Biden/ Kopmala, will do all they can to get that kicked off.

    I think the only reason they allowed sports and Hollywood to act again, albeit in an odd sort of manner it is, to distract people again. When the world shut everything down last spring, too many people had too much time on its hands and began to question and look into the only thing on the main stage; and that was politics.

    And I think most of the public decided it’s all shit and no politician pays any attention to the issues that are actually something the public wants. And their edicts regarding Covid are draconian and provide NO real solutions for the mandates they issue.

    How do you lock down a state like CA and then simultaneously provide NO relief in funding the individuals you have locked up? Tell people to stay home and don’t work; but work is the only way they maintain a home in the first place. It all makes NO sense. And now, in the latest round of stimulus talk, no checks? We were the only country to lock down; and not provide a stimulus back into the country to equate the loss of economic stimulus within the country. At some point, people making and spending money does equate into the real world economics. Having so many businesses up for sale all across America is literally leaving entire towns and small cities vulnerable to other nations (China, Saudi Arabia, etc), to come in under an auspicious real estate group, buy up land and Main st on the cheap, and essentially own America. They have been doing this slightly on the side for years now. The true main st depression that is occurring right now, will only result in cheaper land assets to buy up. OR maybe even worse, someone like Jeff Bezos coming in and buying up an entire county or two on a lease program, and owning the town.. possibly eliminating the constitution if you live in that county? People who have everything in term of economic power, soon look for more power because money is now worthless to them. Bezos is that sick maniac that would look to dictating people like he’s the King of his own making. Weird little f’ck that he is.

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