US Challenges Chinese 5G with “Clean Networks”

The US is challenging China and Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE with “Clean 5G.” It’s a coalition of countries and companies who want to secure their 5G networks by excluding telecommunication makers and equipment tied to the Chinese Communist Party that may be a national security risk. It comes as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo openly criticizes the Chinese Communist Party and the UK bans Huawei 5g equipment.



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  1. Emilio Emi

    Will the USA totalitarianism explains some day why they did spy illegaly on european citizen like Angela Merkel?????? so interesiting recently there is a lot of western 50cent channel bullshit and selling their cheap propaganda everywhere. Maybe they dont want people realise how razist and hypocrite USA has become xDD

  2. Danny X

    With so many apparently dangerous things the world know about huawei & China why don’t merkel & france change their decision

  3. dominic coscarelli

    Yeah i don’t buy alot of smart devices. I have regular appliances and my smart devices i do have are strictly controlled to a extent.

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