Undercover Cops ARREST Bar Owner Serving Them, Cops Enforce ANY Rule No Matter How Authoritarian


Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke invited friend and fellow YouTuber Jack Murphy to discuss the recent case of cops who arrested a bar owner for the audacity of serving them food that they ordered because it violated Andrew Cuomo’s Covid restrictions.

Guest: Jack Murphy @Jack Murphy Live, liminal-order.com

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1,314 Replies to “Undercover Cops ARREST Bar Owner Serving Them, Cops Enforce ANY Rule No Matter How Authoritarian”

  1. julius stacy

    This shows why democrats want no 2nd amendment rights. If they had tried this in a state with 2nd amendmant rights those cops may have been stopped by atmed citizens.

  2. Brian Bertrand

    What do you expect from New York? Anyone who thought that the rule of Tammany Hall ever went away is deluding themselves. Much like the mafia it just went underground and into the shadows. New York has been about the corruption of the powerful over the letter of the law for most of its existence. It’s a place where different families can live within a dozen yards of each other for decades and not even know each other. It’s 8 million people living on top of one another but with no community. Everything wrong going on in this country right now can probably draw its roots to the people no longer knowing or helping the person that lives next to them.

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