U.S. Big Tech Has a Big China Problem

Big Tech companies have a BIG China problem. China uses slave labor in manufacturing. And Big Tech companies, like Apple and Intel have supply chains in China. That means their stuff is often made by prison labor or slave labor, often from the Uyghur Muslims, a persecuted minority from Xinjiang. And rather than dealing with supply chain issues, Big Tech companies are actively lobbying the US Senate to water down the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which would mean big trouble for Big Tech companies caught using Uyghur slave labor in their production lines. Its just one more example of how the US China economy creates some interesting moral dilemmas for Americans.

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1,223 Replies to “U.S. Big Tech Has a Big China Problem”

  1. Aegys TierOne

    Looks like Biden is a godsend to Big Techs, their lobbyists are already working overtime to overturn Trump’s policy on China.

  2. Winston Smith

    Note that this bill only refers to forced labour manufacturing and supplying in Xinjiang (where the Uighers largely reside), not other places in China which may also use forced or essentially unpaid labour in manufacturing. So why is Apple uncomfortable about it?

  3. xl

    Why it is only Xinjiang but not entire mainland China? What’s prevent CCP to move Uyghurs to another region and use forced labor there?

  4. Captain SeaSparrow

    Is it any wonder why all these people hate Trump so much? I think that even a blind man would see and a deaf one would hear where the roots of the democrats are. These people are interconnected, they lost big money due to Trump’s standing up to China, so yeah, of course they’re willing to rig the election, they can’t afford another 4 years of Trump. I mean, you have to understand them, right? How else can they make products using slave labor and then sell them for ridiculously big amount of money?

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