Tyranny Cannot Withstand Mockery

The very essence of authority is to be above mockery, in some way or another.

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577 Replies to “Tyranny Cannot Withstand Mockery”

  1. nbr1rckr

    Am I the only one trying to find the video he posted before this? It seems to have disappeared, when he talked about the old hag or whatever in his usual office setting. I cannot find it.

  2. Gazza Boo

    That’s the main reason comedians are so unwelcome, and rarely go to universities to perform. The first casualty of the woke left was humour. When everything is deemed offensive, they see nothing as humorous. It’s both sad and pathetic, these are the ones that need mocking the most.

  3. kris guntner

    That’s why the left want’s to disarm everyone and make them dependent on the state for security because people wouldn’t listen to their insanity otherwise.

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