Twitter CENSORS Trump, Deletes Video He Posted And Suspends His Account

Tim, Ian, Luke and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Jack Murphy to discuss the implications of Twitter’s choice to censor the President of the United States.

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1,451 Replies to “Twitter CENSORS Trump, Deletes Video He Posted And Suspends His Account”

  1. Luke Howard

    you guys are a joke. look how you already cave to the liberal ideology, free speech is free speech. if someone commits a violent act based on words of another, thats not the words fault, do you honestly think we dont have the capability of making a choice? or are those nasty words so powerful everyone who listens isnt guilty of their own choices? you cannot censor or arrest anyone based on words. inciting is another fake word made up like diversity, used to pigeon hole free speech. Tims crew is officially starting to look a lot like libtards. better to turn now maybe your marxist masters will forgive you for your words. Because i promise you what you already have said will eventually be called inciting violence, you fools dont realize youre already being labeled extremists. so now you will walk back everything you said in a bullshit coward attempt to save yourselves. You are fucked, you better hope they forgive you. what youve done already is gonna cause you to go to re-education camp. hopefully they dont notice youre entirely full of shit as you walk back everything you said over the last year. The fear in each of your eyes…. you have been terrorized into falling in line.

  2. 5214428

    Our Grandparents era fought tyranny and fascists, the fought for our freedom of speech. Now we have cone full circle. Tyranny and Treason as casual as u like and Big Tech Censorship.

  3. nochtczar

    This was the best gift you could give the DNC. This will be used as a casus belli for every overreach and violation over the next 4 years

  4. Matthew Gautier

    They’re not stopping people from inciting violence. They’re stopping people from talking about the legitimacy of the election. Especially the president who has millions of followers. Trump has very rarely been wrong. Can’t believe you guys don’t see this. Trump 2020!!!

  5. Newblood

    I heard congressman matt g say facial recognition systems found antifa actors in the front lines pushing the riot to start ????

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