Twitch Moderator’s Controversial Stances Send A Terrible Message About Twitch

Recent videos depicting a power-hungry Twitch moderator raise questions about who Twitch is hiring to police their platform, and why. Tim and Adam discuss what makes companies likely to kowtow to such characters.

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110 Replies to “Twitch Moderator’s Controversial Stances Send A Terrible Message About Twitch”

  1. Troy Monger

    @8:10 I agree:
    “The reasonable [florbo] adapts [themselves] to the world;
    the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to [themselves].
    Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable [florbo].”
    -George Bernard Shaw

  2. CrackerjackThePony

    There was a comment made on the stream clip that I watched that said, “This is why I’m voting for Trump.” And it was deleted in real tome by the chat moderators.

  3. Salty Medpac

    Youtube, afraid? These companies have enough money to make an army state, they aren’t afraid tim. I think you have stared into the abyss too much

  4. Yanyo Covert

    i wonder if we’re going to be those people that “need to get with the times” like how we view some of our grandparents.

  5. Asmosis Yup

    Pretty sure Twitch did that intentionally so the council thing would fail and Twitch could say “welp, we tried. your fault it failed”.

  6. dstamp

    The internet did this. When you gathered at Thanksgiving and mentioned to your family that you like having sex with pigs, your uncle beat you, or you were shamed into never bringing it up again. But with the internet, you find CONFIRMATION of your ridiculous ideas. On top of that, leftists have this “love everybody no matter how I same they are unless they’re a conservative” mindset…..

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