Turns Out Crying COVID Nurse Who Quit Was HOAX?! Did Media Fake This Or The Nurse?

Tim and Adam analyze a recent viral video of a nurse who appeared to be beside herself about her lack of personal protective equipment at the hospital. Further investigation raises questions about the truth values of her statements, though, and a discussion ensues about who should take responsibility for this.

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1,000 Replies to “Turns Out Crying COVID Nurse Who Quit Was HOAX?! Did Media Fake This Or The Nurse?”

  1. Matthew4Nineteen

    Watching this today, late May, and hearing the early part of the video “these restrictions will be lifted soon” makes me giggle a little bit. Why do we continue to believe the government? How many times does someone need to lie before we call them liars??

  2. Botchvinik

    Another psychotic lying sack of s%$t narcissistic little Demonrat Trump hating tW@t. “Believe all women”….HAH!!, not a fcng chance!!

  3. Botchvinik

    Omg Adam! No there aren’t “billions of viruses in the water [at the beach] anyway”. It’s SALT WATER. Viruses don’t live in salt water! Geeezzz people!

  4. Man of Leisure

    Lol this girl has already been exposed through a video.Hopefully Tim has picked up on that and will follow up

  5. ABC

    I’m so done with the Fake News Media
    The corporate invested media IS the fake news, CBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Sky News, BBC, there ALL in it together “reporting” the movie they want their echo-chamber to see

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