Tulsi Gabbard Is DROPPING Her Case Against Hillary Clinton, What Does This Mean??

Tulsi Gabbard was suing Hillary Clinton for defamation after Hillary and her aides gave the impression that Gabbard might be a Russian asset. Now Tulsi has dropped the case, the question arises: Why did she do it, and what is Hillary planning? Tim and Adam shudder at the thought of a potential Hillary campaign in 2020.

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1,276 Replies to “Tulsi Gabbard Is DROPPING Her Case Against Hillary Clinton, What Does This Mean??”

  1. Makadidu

    If Biden was sitting in a wheelchair by the window, I don’t think Hillary would be able to resist the temptation to push him out.

  2. Romererun A mErika

    Late to the game but tulsi you’re a complete sell out!!! I’ve lost all respect for you. Did Hilary buy you a house to be Bernies neighbor or threaten to kilary you? Wow to think I would have voted for you? Silver lining missed that bullet!

  3. Richard Beard

    “Here’s a billion dollars and you won’t have to ‘commit suicide’ in an above ground 3 foot swimming pool.”

  4. Spydiggity

    It is a lie that Tulsi is not part of the establishment…just like Bernie. She is as desperate to fall in line for her own personal gain as the rest of them. She is nothing special.

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