Tulsi Gabbard Backs Trump On Section 230 Over Big Tech Censorship, New Bill Could END Section 230

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host guest and elections scrutineer Matt Braynard (@MattBraynard on Twitter) a recent bill introduced to break up the big tech companies and reduce censorship.

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1,338 Replies to “Tulsi Gabbard Backs Trump On Section 230 Over Big Tech Censorship, New Bill Could END Section 230”

  1. PahaLukki

    So true! I am from Finland and I can comment whatever I want on american politics. I’m on the right; on the side of equal opportunity, not equal outcome. But most foreigners probably aren’t due to the fact that MSM in Europe even in Finland is heavily Biden-weighted, leftist media. It is so preachy even here that it is almost scary. Just a while ago in 1990s we used to mock USA for being imperialistic and warmongering, but now the same leftists and media are saying Biden is best, and putting america first or pulling troops is wrong. It’s an absolute joke, imo.

  2. EnglishAaron

    I discussed with someone proposing either section 230 gets revised to allow them to have platforms only able to remove harmful scam links or spam and illegal content lest they be classified as publishers which I would like to add allowing platforms for interest content to exist and have more control over or to invalidate being a platform if you unequally enforce or enact policy, the other is the government hosts a platform which would allow free speech there

  3. Anttics

    you know this is serious. when you see these guys rethink. what they were about to say. for fear of being canceled. How did we get here. openly being manipulated, and people just go with it. with out looking for the facts, and truth. we have been demoralized. we are not fighters like our grandfathers were.

  4. Mrawfullgamer

    i wonder when youtube will put up warnings about police are peacefull nearly all of the time and only 0000.001% of police interactions are violent

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