Trump’s Election SHOWS That The Simulation Is Broken, This Season Is WILD

Tim, Ian, and guest Seamus from FreedomToons (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) discuss the possible simulation we’re living in, or what season we’re in of this weird TV show we appear to be inhabiting against our collective will.

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1,068 Replies to “Trump’s Election SHOWS That The Simulation Is Broken, This Season Is WILD”

  1. Bill DeVille

    Ian and Tim, you guys need to be more concious about how you look. Ian, stop playing with your hair! Tim , you are always adjusting your shirt , glasses and beanie!

  2. my dogs like boiled eggs

    Without fail, by the time I hear one sentence from any video on this channel, I am already sick of the hipster dumbass faux intellectual discussion. You guys suck.

  3. ginger hansen

    You can’t download strength or intelligence. The program is installed by repetition. Trying to bypass what a mind or body is prepared for has potentially catastrophic consequences.

  4. Foxy Sapio

    Foreign Policy is the main function of the president in US. If you want local issues, you need to look at your mayor, governor or representatives. Idk why they think trump is responsible for minuscule local issues when that’s not his purpose.

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