Trump’s Comments TRIGGER The Media, LIES About Trump Actions And Military Deployment Over Riots

Trump gave comments at the Rose Garden earlier in the day, and Tim and Adam unpack the optics of the comments. Adam opines on what his stances might mean for the future, and Tim relates what led to the violent riots around the country.

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1,844 Replies to “Trump’s Comments TRIGGER The Media, LIES About Trump Actions And Military Deployment Over Riots”

  1. Alan Casalean

    For anybody watching Tim pool, please get ur head out of ur ass. He only spits a conservative narrative. Protecting trump to his death bed. There’s many videos of protestors just protesting and getting thrown gas by the police. Sounds like a fascist law and order. I’m not here to protect democrats either. They’re in the same boat, by planting bricks around cities to entice rioting.

  2. Tyler Geske

    Lydia. Adam. Tim. As active duty, I implore you to look up the difference between the Posse Comitatus Act and the roles of the National Guard/Coast Guard. Please speak to that difference to help quell the narrative.

  3. Odis Yates

    Yes it’s a class issue it’s not about being black or white it’s about how much money you have the Communist Democrats and Republicans get them the riot and they burn their own houses down and if people just can’t see the ones that telling them burn down their house put them in that position in the first place the rich need slaves and the lower class are the ones and Democrats are making sure they have them and that’s white or black

  4. SpyengoEen

    Tim stole that “red suppository” joke from me! I commented a year ago that he should instead take a red suppository.

  5. Tyler Tone

    We all have seen that Bill Barr ordered it, I don’t understand why you feel like you have to lie about it. They easily could have staged the walk for a day when there wasn’t a protest. There’s nothing to defend here, Trump’s current and former defense secretary condemned it man.

  6. Martin Wise

    As a Brit who likes to listen to both sides, IMO, you guys are sounding more Trumpian with your “is it possible? I mean, I don’t know, I’m just putting it out there” which will soon become “some people are saying” or “I’ve heard it said” “a lot of people are saying”

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