Trump Tweet CENSORED By Twitter, Don Jr SUSPENDED For Retweeting

Twitter has removed a Tweet from Donald Trump sharing a Breitbart story about controversial news topics, and Tim and Adam analyze what it means when tech companies can decide what a leader gets to say to the people.

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1,438 Replies to “Trump Tweet CENSORED By Twitter, Don Jr SUSPENDED For Retweeting”

  1. traderwill

    How can we even pretend that we ALL have equal protection under the 1st Amendment? When during this video he makes direct note that he can be banned from sharing the opinion of another person.

  2. Mieknara

    Notice all the “share this” links at the top of the article? Perhaps Newsweek and other news outlets should address the social media platform censorship issue if they want people to share their stuff on social media platforms.

  3. WhyBuffet

    First Tim pronounces it as “Parlé” now he pronounces it as “Parlour?”lol
    Why the shift in pronunciation?

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