Trump Tries AGAIN To Bring Troops Home, Media SCREECHES

In a totally precedented move, the media, long the nominal enemy of foreign wars, has taken up a campaign against the Trump administration’s desire to remove American troops from unnecessary foreign military entanglements. Conversation about American foreign involvement turns naturally to patriotism.

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2,345 Replies to “Trump Tries AGAIN To Bring Troops Home, Media SCREECHES”

  1. Marco Weiss

    Trump: Water is good
    Media: Trump Supports Drowning
    Trump: Food is good
    Media: Trump Supports Food Poisoning
    Trump: Air is Good
    Media: Trump Supports Tornados and Hurricanes

  2. Wren Linnet

    I’m confused, why bother having that girl on when you basically ignore her and hardly show her face? Every time I see one of your videos she’s just this ghostly voice in the background that says a word or two here and there.


    Yea sure a 50 billion $ increase in defense spending. Either they have no clue what they are talking about or they are truly evil.

  4. Sumponeigh KnotYew

    You new cohost’s microphone is off. Hurts my ears. He is okay, but his voice makes me want to turn down the volume.

  5. Luthia Moonlight FRQC

    Journalism is dead a long time ago the only real journalism i know who do on the ground investigation even if they ave to hire body gards and layer to do so is Project Veritas and the Rebel media

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