Trump Threatens To Deploy National Guard To Portland As Ceasefire FAILS

Adam and Tim discuss how, after withdrawing federal troops from Portland, the so-called ceasefire appears less than successful, and Trump is now threatening to deploy the National Guard to keep the peace in the city.

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2,233 Replies to “Trump Threatens To Deploy National Guard To Portland As Ceasefire FAILS”

  1. Troy James Monger

    Adam’s character arc during these pod casts has honestly been badass!! We should all challenge our preconceived notions, sincerely listen and develop the opposing argument so it’s a sincere competitor (rather than a straw[florbo]), and leave room for heated contentious civil discussions. We should smash our ideas together and use the hardened premise(s) that remain to construct a richer understanding together. Lydia & Tim are wonderful too, but Adam’s a fucking transformer over here 🙂

  2. Marc Tradler

    These people think that once they get their wish and whites are a minority even in their own countries, they´ll get the protections they now want for the black and brown bodies we just can´t hear enough about. Only the most pampered, sheltered Eloy creatures could actually believe that bullsh1t. Yes, South Africa is an extreme example, but that´s the future we can look forward to if the globalists get their way.

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