Trump Supporters Home BOMBED, Conflict Is Getting Insane As Tribalism Escalates

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange ) to discuss the recent case of a man whose home was targeted with explosives, possibly because of his political leanings.

Guest: Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange – YouTube) (@LukeWeAreChange – Twitter)

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257 Replies to “Trump Supporters Home BOMBED, Conflict Is Getting Insane As Tribalism Escalates”

  1. C.J. P

    I got into an argument a while back about the whole teach a man to fish proverb after thinking about it for a while I realized some things. 1) the proverb doesn’t say that only one of the two can be done. 2) when you “teach him to fish” you end up showing the whole process and if he isn’t good at doing the fishing then maybe he’s really good at making/fixing the rod or nets maybe he figures out a better bait or knows how to track the fish better it’s possible you end up with an exchange with him for his better skill. 3) I saw a TED talk about a noodle company that wanted to provide food in Africa so instead of just shipping them noodles they built a factory, but needed to be able to get supplies there and had to build up transportation infrastructure and hired locals to transport goods. They had issues with goods being stolen so had to hire locals for security. Once they had the factory built they hired locals to work there. So, in the process of trying to provide food they created many local jobs rather then just giving some food to people.

  2. Armoured Jester

    I just realized that life has become a spectacle. I am entertained by news. This is great, and I’ll be disappointed beyond measure when it finally comes to an end and things go back to normal.

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