Trump Supporters Are PISSED At The GOP, Could Sacrifice The Senate Leaving Dems To Burn It All Down


Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend, former army captain and congressional candidate and bestselling author Sean Parnell to analyze the effect of bad choices on the Republican party’s reputation.

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887 Replies to “Trump Supporters Are PISSED At The GOP, Could Sacrifice The Senate Leaving Dems To Burn It All Down”

  1. Denny Blessed

    Americans are angry and the politicians and wealthy elite think they can just do as they please. The election fraud was so substantial that people have had enough. You should be prepared for an all-out civil War! If the perpetrators didn’t want this they simply would have done a proper investigation and showed the results to the American people. Obviously this is what they want. You’re fooling yourself if you think Americans are going to go on business as usual. This election, the lockdowns and the dictatorial governors have created The perfect Storm.

  2. Renaissance Statesman

    Manchin is irrelevant. If Dems win in GA, they add two states and gain four senators. Manchin will vote for that. Then he’ll vote against packing the courts. So will keep his word but the court still gets packed.

  3. Denny Blessed

    Mitch McConnell better hope President Trump doesn’t have a second term or he may find his wife and him in prison for their dealings with communist China.

  4. Christopher Bowers

    Who cares what the Democrats are going to do? The Republicans are worthless. There is no future voting for either party. Divorce is the ONLY hope for any freedom in the future.

  5. Julian Bruce

    Destroying the GOP in protest is so freaking stupid and short sighted. Trying to punish a few senators your mad at is going to destroy the country for hundreds of millions just so you can say “take that rhino”

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