Trump REMOVING Section 230 Will BACKFIRE And END Conservative And Independent Media, We Need REFORM

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host YouTuber Hunter Avallone to discuss the key differences between wanting reform and abolition of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Guest: Hunter Avallone @Hunter Avallone

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1,231 Replies to “Trump REMOVING Section 230 Will BACKFIRE And END Conservative And Independent Media, We Need REFORM”

  1. Travis Crown

    all this dude says is i am not sure, i dont know, i dont have the details on that, or just being flat wrong on so many things. so he doesnt like part of the right because they put tradition first no matter what….hmmmm….same thing the left does. he has done zero research….he just talks…get this tool off the show.

  2. Todd Stanley

    There are more people trying to adopt than children that are eligible for adoption. It takes an average of 5 years for an adoption of a child in the system. Children are held in the system for 5 years by CPS for profit. How is it not one of these 3 knew this.

  3. Carter Hall

    This Jackass was never on the right, he is trying to say he was in order to connect with young people on the right and somehow pull them away, don’t let his lying ass back on your show Tim

  4. DepartedFromSanity1227

    I’m sorry but this Hunter guy is a douche canoe. I never thought I would pick up on a trend in the voice inflection of straight progressives. He sounds to me like a closet dweller. His wife and kids could be a ploy to conceal his true sexual inclination. More significantly the majority of his counter rebuttals and the points he introduced into the dialogue were uninformed at best if not just outright biased or wrong altogether. I’m all for interaction from both sides of the political spectrum but at least have guests who are reasonable and don’t overstate their knowledge in regards to topics they have either developed their own beliefs on or have heard from our legacy propagandist media or the game of progressive telephone that has so many facts skewed or altered ever so slightly to further demonize conservatism and put the left on a righteous morally superior pedestal. He wants to call Trump a virtue signaler for publicly supporting LBGTQ but what about the ceaseless virtue signaling from Pelosi’s camp or all the pro-vax shit coming from Bidens mouth and cabinet. Despite so many of the deeply consequential potential side effects. Or this measly $600 stim check after so many months of the dems claiming they wanted to give us more only to pass a resolution granting us half of the first one which hardly paid plenty of people’s bills. He didn’t leave leave the right for money it was for recognition and acceptance into what he clearly believes is the next shift in major social trends. He’s thinking long run. He might lose followers and revenue for now but wonder how long before he gets offered a gig with Vice or Vox. He would fit right in.

    If you never feature this guy again I wouldn’t be disappointed in the least Tim just saying

  5. xraysteve

    So, he just read an msm headline about the adoption issue and believed it on its face. Because the msm doesn’t lie, especially about Trump, and nuance doesn’t exist.

  6. nini v

    11:50 Tim or anyone else how do you feel about burning a qur’an ? I burned a cpl of bibles and posted it on social media … All cool, no prob there . How about a qur’an burnt SAFELY on my property ? That should go easy … Right ?
    Liberal left likes burning US flags but is enamoured with islam and I fear sharing a qur’an burning to public settings … Could really ruffle some feathers .

    Bottom line I am all for burning flags … As long as qur’ans burn !

  7. Agron Vukaj

    The main issue I have with this kid is he’s suffering from a superiority complex. He believes by being book smart he’s right. Too much soy boy.

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