Trump Ready To Remove Another Globalists System – Episode 2199a

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Report date: 06.14.2020

The economy is coming back, the MSM/[DS] they are now pushing their second wave narrative. The people will not shutdown the economy down again. The MSM/[DS] will do anything to crash the economy. Truckers are not going to deliver products to those areas that do not have a police force. Trump is prepared are ready to go after the WTO.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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916 Replies to “Trump Ready To Remove Another Globalists System – Episode 2199a”

  1. Dana Moore

    If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. get out of the way, or you will be moved out of the way. And if you won’t get out of the way, prepare to get run over Tired of mollycoddling these protesters.

  2. j r

    loveeeeyou im sadly a single prettyGod given duh woman christFOR REAL ian lol christian, but i come jhere for news next to the bible, even johnathan cahn thru nprasyer one day…later came to j Cahn then was q annon then another time wasnt looking… mark taylor then yu all so much praise God bless to yu and yours…. I pray tricky dick lol remember im 60 i do.. but those trick est maybe nancy will TALK to ‘whomever try and stop legal non cross your ingers he gets in but by cheat [paying poor folks again… proteswts duh but indivuals did you read! wow the looter vilolent ones had… an aprtment provided each paid cars etc one mex here in bay area said ON NEWS an interview segmant he just couldnt do what THEY wan6ted i came to protest peacfully THEY tried to pay him, and surprisinglly cpouldnt buy him, igiuess mother grandmother must have raised him well.. at least to abide by ones conscience….. so WOW need yu all since dang alone…. any real friends change etc there married with kids grown… im not, same single etc could have masrried many yrs ago NOPN’ believers God changed that so better alone than dealing with only thing there like [rarely otherwise] physical etc not…. even knowing oman, no lol class also then duh…
    But of course most TRULY mature peole know, yep its life… that even if there 60 also or..? doesnt mean not all Christians love all…! people almsot ego?… they have HA selective love…like..
    well for me for that.,…..’mate yu all have… i need someone whom, many just accepterd who came along christn but not LL, i was at least blessed most everytime to date almost marry who i was attracted to andf loved..[past]
    so someone… I’D’ like and is a TRUE by the word'[bible of course not by lusts’ as friends yep did have decent dating before marrying the women i ve known…
    follower of Jesus or nothing. Oh well…. easier to meet an un afraid non believer who wants marriage saw me for me took effort to know’ me, than a Christian but opne who ts mutual attraction.. no kidding..
    i’ve seen almost married been there with. the other, meaning.. as all Christians i know know, is un..saved like.. liberal’ too.
    so been there, no…. according to the word read it anyopne, but course equally yoked, and without Christ in common’ no thanks..
    I found.. He’s” prooven HIMself too many times answered amazingly prayers donme what man could NOT have done so dont care who says what,. Hes real…. But sighh wont help meet my type’ whos a believer who doe, miracles… so anyhow b ut many here, bay rea i find yet not in Nevada., but cant afford to move, anyhow… theyd rather date then.. marry ive SEEN it yep… often, up till i stopped going to but one i felt trustworthy church in santa clara….
    Odd? but guess many men been hurt so what so had i to…justify seeing a. imnstaed of me,… some plain jane dull personality… Nothing i an dfo God change it please, but i do have ghreat memories of non christian long term relationships and ones that could have married but, Christ is needed.
    ohh well cant make omeone tell you whats up…..
    oh well long story… id write a book of experiences proofs and people met confirming [past] who what true existances os said bilderberger [etcs] deep states
    Bye Jennifer ** some friends…women that seem changed now lately im not going o p[ush but what happened id love to thats how we grow geez, to tell me if som thing occured but no call backs, the 2 women have duh.. married friends socially one she walks with was hiking with me,, lord take me home i say… if you were me and not a love to have nooo real’ friends none call yes i have past anyhow yud want to say Lord take me home im tired of here.

  3. Iamwolf134

    They told Trump not to get rid of CHAZ. He said “Fine, have it your way, but don’t come crying to me come election day!”

  4. Wesley Thomas

    It looks bad on republicans. Letting these rioters destroy everything.and dave people are seeing the republicans let businesses get destroyed

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