Trump Is RIGHT, Twitter Is Interfering In The Election With FAKE NEWS “Fact Check” On Voter Fraud

Trump Is RIGHT, Twitter Is Interfering In The Election With FAKE NEWS “Fact Check” On Voter Fraud. Voter fraud is real and the DOJ just caught a mail carrier trying to alter mail in ballot applications.

Worse is Paterson NJ where nearly 3 thousand ballots were disqualified due to signatures not matching previous election ballots for the same people.

Democrats are adamant that everything is fine and now Twitter has “fact checked” Trump’s tweet by directing people to the opinions of journalists, its not even fact based.

While Trump expresses concern over voter fraud real instances are happening right in front of us.


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2,582 Replies to “Trump Is RIGHT, Twitter Is Interfering In The Election With FAKE NEWS “Fact Check” On Voter Fraud”

  1. .

    *Huge Questions:* What if the Mailman has Covid19? If everything has an equal chance of being contaminated with Covid19, what if the mail in ballot gets to your house with Covid19 on it? If you have a 50/50 chance of everything you come in contact with having Covid19 on it, there is no reason to not vote in person.

  2. Jn Hook808

    I’ve only scrolled down a Twitter page for 5 minutes recently for “news” on something and already saw 3 examples of censorship and misinformation

  3. YITT Mashups

    I’ve been saying it for awhile now, and we’re deep in it, we are in the new Manipulation Age, red headed stepchild of the great and powerful Information Age, where the sharing of information between all is now accepted and normal, but now people have realized they can manipulate it to their own will/gain. The disgusting result is now no one trusts anyone anymore.

  4. James Beliveau

    The reason trump won is simply over confidence in Hillary… but they, dems, will not make that mistake again… voter fraud WILL take place…

  5. James Beliveau

    I have seen that a vote in nyc happens on June 23 but I never received my disability mail ballot,neither did my wife… who do I complain to…..

  6. WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings

    I am all for free speech. I think censorship in general is wrong.


    The media should have consequences for verifiably lying. Even when we know they are, their viewers don’t. And that is dangerous, clearly. That is the reason the country is so divided over the president. They have caused all this hate by lying.

    If some places can have these ridiculous hate speech laws they should also have hate incitement laws.

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