Trump Is Imperfect But He IS The Best Candidate For These Times, The Alternative Is Oblivion

Tim and Adam discuss the circumstances that have led them to their independent views of President Trump and coalesce around the idea that he is absolutely needed to stand in the way of those who want to destroy America.

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1,418 Replies to “Trump Is Imperfect But He IS The Best Candidate For These Times, The Alternative Is Oblivion”

  1. Ian Inkster

    Trump is like Lord Flashheart. You’re not supposed to find him an ideal permanent figurehead of virtue. But faced with tyranny, you want him around – he wants to get a certain number of things done – and will step on or over anyone he needs to in so doing.

  2. The Iron Björn

    The reason he has never been liked, he isn’t a career politician. He didn’t start from the bottom with his eyes on the white house. He doesn’t care what his career will be after his run is over. He isn’t playing their game and he isn’t going to be bought off. The only reason he ran as Republican was so he could win as nobody votes in a third party. He just wanted to help the country and get us back to standing on our own. Enforcing our borders, removing the scum from the swamp, keeping law and order and like he says, making America great again. Yet the sheeple hate him for it. We voted him in for ALL these reasons and he was doing it! And the Dem’s just can’t let it happen because it makes them all look like the criminals that they are.

  3. Kevin Dillon

    How many times has Trump tried to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, who stops him the Rino’s and dems, because they are all on the take from the corporations that make the weapons of war, and the banks who lend the money to government to make it all possible.

  4. Goines

    He’s more than imperfect, he’s a vapid ignorant narcissist, but the other candidates are worse. The idiocracy is here and it’s real..

  5. chris sheppard

    The scum has always been there Trump has punctured the Democratic boil and the scum and poison is out on the surface.

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