Trump Has NOT Pardoned Julian Assange, He Is STILL Being Detained And The US Wants To Extradite Him

Tim, Ian, and guest Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules on Twitter) discuss some of the finer points of the Assange case and the driving force behind the arrest.

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774 Replies to “Trump Has NOT Pardoned Julian Assange, He Is STILL Being Detained And The US Wants To Extradite Him”

  1. WTRiver

    You guys don’t get it at all. Anyone remember Stone? Flynn? Trump has to work these bastards from within our system – and he has to deal with all sides treating him like an asshole for it. I don’t know his mind, but I’m certain that the ONLY way he can guarantee Julian’s survival, is to get him on American soil and THEN pardon him once he is here, and he can ask for asylum if he needs to or whatever. There is no way for Trump to protect him from the bloodthirsty nutjobs that want him dead while he is on remote. Understand – if he Pardons him right now, and Julian is overseas, then it frees him from any request of the United States, and whoever else wants a piece of him and get him as well. Trump knows this.
    I’m certain that Trump will sit down and ask him if he will help him with the source. I am also certain that there is no way Trump would allow him to be killed, and I am 90% certain he will pardon him once he is here. I give up 10% that I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I hate the fact that everyone bags on the man that has so far ALWAYS come through in the end after navigating all the bullshit, and letting the system run its stupid course so he can do those pardons without it being contested.

  2. Some Canine

    I think Trump is going after Assange to attempt to get the Democrats off his back.
    I don’t like that Trump is going after Assange, but he can’t pardon a guy who hasn’t been convicted of a federal crime.

  3. Za za Zoom

    I saw Assange and heard him talk. He reminded me of me 20 yrs ago when I went through a deeply traumatic event. For 2 yrs I stuttered and could barely string 2 sentences together. I barely slept.

    They are doing something to him. Torture without leaving physical marks. Sleep deprivation and isolation. He sounded like me 20 yrs ago. I was so upset to see this genius barely able to say his name.

    I also know that with love, patience, and lots of sleep he can become who he was. You can overcome trauma. Many Prisoners of war and holocaust survivors have.

    We need WIKILEAKS and Julian assange in this world.

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