Trump Gets Political VICTORIES In State Legislatures, It Could Be The BIGGEST Leftist Implosion EVER

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski to discuss what might happen if Trump actually wins AGAIN.

Guest: Luke Rudkowski (@LukeWeAreChange on Twitter, @WeAreChange on YouTube)

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Tim: @Timcast (Everywhere)
Ian: @IanCrossland (Everywhere)
Lydia: @SourPatchLyds (Twitter) @Ultr4violet (Instagram)

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402 Replies to “Trump Gets Political VICTORIES In State Legislatures, It Could Be The BIGGEST Leftist Implosion EVER”

  1. char63r517

    @tim. This guy you have with you, Ian, I’m sure he’s a great guy. But damn, you really need someone there who can discuss important topics without iterating absolutely clueless or logically intangent points. It’s distracting, and, I’m sorry if he’s been indoctrinated into a bunch of unfounded opinions, and emotional responses. He seems to be an honest man; speaks from convictions, but when his honesty exposes his antipathy and vehemence for America, it is not conducive to the success of your channel and may alienate large portions of your base. It’s apparent, he has obviously never backed up his positions with the effort needed to support them or your channel in meaningful and critical preparation. But when you combine that with a critical lack of substance for historical reference; it becomes a detriment to your channel programing, and your label [imho]. At some point, one exerts the effort to get themselves to the level mandated by such a brilliant channel as yours, or one gives up and finds something else. I imagine you are thinking this already, I just wanted to back it up, as it is glaringly obvious.
    I’m sorry to have to verbalize this, but felt that is was necessary.

  2. Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra

    The reality is you cannot control a country as a government if your citizens are well armed and therefore no free country should ever be stripped of its rights to bear arms. Any attempt to outlaw firearms in the United States or to control them by requiring labeling or tax stamps should be met by extreme force and everybody should be willing to die to protect the freedoms of this country as necessary.

  3. Steve Walker

    We should all pray for this country. I’m not good at this kind of thing, but I can recognize what the right thing to do is, when I do see it.

  4. IntheeyesofMorbo Dodge

    i dont care frankly. the damage another shut down could do under bidens idiocy cant happen – it will destroy the economy. at this point id even support a military coup to keep that from happening. a disease with a 00.04 percent chance of killing us (dividing covid deaths by us population) just isnt worth this insanity any longer. sometimes people vote for stupidity at the worst times.

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