Trump Fights Back Against Critical Race Theory By Smacking The 1619 Project


Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia host YouTuber Hunter Avallone to discuss the 1619 Project, Trump’s response to it, and the dangerous presence of ideological material in schools.

Guest: Hunter Avallone @Hunter Avallone

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1,246 Replies to “Trump Fights Back Against Critical Race Theory By Smacking The 1619 Project”

  1. B

    One day people will understand its both class and culture that affect groups of people. Theres no stisemic raceisim.

    A poor mans body hurts from hunger no matter his skin.
    We are one race the human race. Skin color only has the value you place on it

  2. Terry Wendt

    God damn is it frustrating to listen to conversations like this! I mostly agree with Tim, but I’m furious with some of the terminology he uses. He immediately agrees/states that Systemic Racism = Historic Racism. Yeah, NO! You could say that there was systemic racism in the past, that would be historic systemic racism. But saying that systemic racism exists is literally saying there is systemic racism NOW. Saying something exists means it exists NOW. Past tense: existed, present tense: exists. English words… FUCK ME! When Tim complains that some people say “show me the institutional racism today”, he says they’re wrong because it’s historical – WRONG! The systemic racism today is aimed at “Asians” and Whites”, what ever the hell those groups are. Because apparently a Pakistani is exactly the same as a Japanese, is exactly the same as a Chinese, is the same as a Laotian, is the same as a North Korean, is the same as a Syrian, is the same as a Saudi, etc… This really is one of those cases where Tim shows how he is still confused by his leftist upbringing. When you try to bend reality to fit your conception of the world? Nothing good follows

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