Trump Declares The US Will Designate Antifa As A Terrorist Organization, Civil War 2 Is Coming

Trump Declares The US Will Designate Antifa As A Terrorist Organization, Civil War 2 Is Coming. In the wake of days of riots across the nation Trump has announced that the US will go after Antifa specifically

Bill Barr has stated that the federal government will do everything it can to prosecute far left groups that are causing this damage.

Meanwhile Joe Biden’s staff has been donating to these groups in a shocking turn.

We now have the Biden campaign providing material support to a group the president has claimed to be terrorists

WHere does this go from here?

Civil War 2?


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4,787 Replies to “Trump Declares The US Will Designate Antifa As A Terrorist Organization, Civil War 2 Is Coming”

  1. Jack Frost

    Civil war definitely has rewards.
    This bad marriage needs to be over. Diversity is highly unnatural, and was illegal from the start on both sides…on ALL sides.

  2. HanselManCan

    Tim, the stuff about Antifa is really showing your true colors, the stuff you worry about happening to liberty already happens. It happens to dissident talking head on the right and the third position, but i have a feeling you will never making a video about them, and you esp wouldn’t sound worried.

  3. SpyengoEen

    It doesn’t matter what the Patriot Act or Trump say, the general populace knew for decades that Antifa are terrorists. You know how? BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS TARGETED REGULAR PEOPLE. They are the ones getting hurt over their tamper tantrums! LOCK. THEM. AWAY.

  4. Jerry Blande

    People carry weapons for 2 reason, to assault or defend from assault. That was true of bow and arrows, spears or stones with or with out sling shots. When someone assaults you or your children, you WILL act on it so as not to get hurt! It just is what it is.

  5. G

    This was two weeks ago. Nothing. Antifa has been terrorizing the country for four years: nothing. USA step down you are no longer the greatest. Go find your balls and try again.

  6. Rhu Steedman

    Yet antifa isn’t even an official organization and many of trumps claims are unfounded. How tf are the KKK not labeled a terrorist organization?

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