Trump And Bill Barr Go NUCLEAR Against China Over Hong Kong, Hollywood ON NOTICE For “Collaborating”

Trump And Bill Barr Go NUCLEAR Against China Over Hong Kong, Hollywood ON NOTICE For “Collaborating”. With the EO from Trump property can be blocked from anyone directly or indirectly involved in violating the rights of Hong Kong.

Bill Barr put Hollywood and Big Tech on notice for “collaborating” with China and being pawns of Chinese influence.

Under Trump’s executive order the US could essentially seize property from US persons who collaborate and this could lead to a dramatic escalation in tensions.

Unfortunately for us though one side of the political debate screams orange man bad while Trump calls out China.

Democrats may be too weak and ineffective to deal with China and there’s no guarantee Republicans would be better.

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7,303 Replies to “Trump And Bill Barr Go NUCLEAR Against China Over Hong Kong, Hollywood ON NOTICE For “Collaborating””

  1. JJ Jewel

    Just think of the damage being done to animals living in the area? What used to be a quiet neighborhood turned into a war zone overnight! My own animals shake and all 5 dogs including a pit wanted in mama’s lap. No one reports on that. Just like the babies in Chicago they are overlooked my the MSM.
    Do they not do news on the big 3? i won’t watch them, the news is why I cut off cable.

  2. Abandoned Network

    21:43 c’mon man it’s *pu·sil·lan·i·mous not poosilaminus 🤣
    Learn to pronounce
    showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.

  3. Lyrikek


    United we’ll fail! Divided we’ll fall!
    We’re fucked, but you’re making it worse!
    United we’ll fail! Divided we’ll fall!
    Give up ’cause you’re making it so much worse!

  4. Supreme Reader

    Leftists love to talk about “wrong side of history,” wait a few years for all these Hollywood and basketball stars who kiss this evil human rights abusing dictatorship’s ass… Watch how they’re viewed in a couple years. 🇭🇰 🇺🇸

  5. nickrad

    And NOW you know why the MSM and major corporations want rid of Trump and Barr so much….. riddled with corruption and Chinese money, they are desperate for the end of these tariffs and to resume business as usual with selling out the American people and siphoning off money and outsourcing to an authoritarian, genocidal dictatorship hellbent on world domination at any cost.

  6. Alexander Broderick

    Lets go trump 2020 and full out war against commies. Lets wipe them off the earth. Foreign and domestic.

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