‘Toxic Masculinity’ Makes A Man Terrified To Raise A Son Before He’s Even BORN

An article from awhile ago crossed Adam’s path and piqued his interest because of its focus on being a father to a son when you hate your own gender. Tim and Adam discuss the projection of a male feminist, and what it may mean for his son.

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101 Replies to “‘Toxic Masculinity’ Makes A Man Terrified To Raise A Son Before He’s Even BORN”

  1. I'm listening

    I hope that writer gives his son to a loving family or step-father to adopt… or more simply, finds an excellent therapist.

  2. DJ Drack

    Men: Created and Ran society for something like 50k+ years. Inventors of everything from the wheel (most likely) to philosophy (the thing SJWs struggle to fully understand).
    Women: Got to stay at home, raise kids, not need to worry about the struggles to leave the house and gather food/money for survival. Toughest thing was managing a family veg garden (colonial era). In many places could still own assets when widowed.
    Fast Forward.
    Early 1900s: Women Get to vote, and think that is the greatest thing in world. (Spoiler: politics is toxic, you weren’t missing out)
    1950s-70s: Sexual/Music Revolution and post-war era surge of appliances, grocery stores, sexuality, and so forth results in women being more open about their sexuality, but we also see the rise of “Keepin’ up with Jones”, and each decade increased hedonism. Middle-America many households see the woman working at least part time to keep up with this increased spending and materialism.
    2000- present (<100 years): Women working instead of staying home is standard. Access to basically all careers. Making almost as much as men. Also happening: being a straight, white, working, educated male = automatically bad: limited access to educational scholarships, and most things they do are scrutinized as being some [xxx-ism]. Women simultaneously: more hedonistic than ever, 20+ clothes stores for every 1 dedicated to guys, many rely on sexuality to get ahead in life, and more.
    I'm for equality, really if woman want to be foolish enough to take on the burden of running society and making every crappy decision, good for you. We're not stopping you. Although based on the last century there seems to be either a lack of willpower, general restraint, any sort of anti-materialism, and so forth. My guess is that if our society doesn't break down, it will take women another 200-300yrs at least before they get over this phase many of their kind seems to be stuck in, as well as to gain the respect and confidence of men (as leaders of society). Respect isn't given, it is earned; it works for both individuals and collectives.

  3. Momo The Elder

    It is like a type of original sin in the religion of PC. Everything is intellectual for these fools, they haven’t visited reality in a very long time.

  4. kyle kocin

    Wait,has adam always been to your left?I always thought he was to your right..or at least that’s how its always looked haha

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