Toxic Masculinity Is A LIE, Woke Ideology Is INFECTING Psychology And Indoctrinating People

Tim sits down with Dr. Shawn Smith, PsyD, to hash through why the American Psychological Association thinks that classical masculinity is truly toxic as they attempt to reshape the psych landscape and therapeutically intervene to “fix” men and masculinity.

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195 Replies to “Toxic Masculinity Is A LIE, Woke Ideology Is INFECTING Psychology And Indoctrinating People”

  1. Hamster Wheel Runner

    I made a comment on a video that relates well to this:
    I agree about the concept creep. I think of it like landscaping. You tend to your yard by keeping things trimmed back and healthy. For men, outlets are necessary to channel aggression such as exercise, sports, and the trades – to name a few. Intellectual pursuits can also serve to maintain a sound mind. Yes, this can include being vulnerable by talking through things as long as there is a forward mindset (not just complaining). When the yard goes unchecked, however, you see things like substance abuse, lashing out, inappropriate advances, and risky or even self-injurious behaviors. Instead of distinguishing those problems, the prescription from the far left ideologues is now to uproot everything until the yard is barren.

  2. David Walker

    I remember as one of my earliest memories, cutting my foot on a beer bottle on a beach in South Africa, my dad ripping of his shirt and staunching the bleeding, while today I might disagree with his political beliefs and sometimes get into some serious fights about it, he will always be my hero in being calm and heroic at that point in life…probably 3 years old…you can’t be a dickless douche when the chips are down….

  3. Indian monk

    If toxic masculinity is fake then what about the self claimed alphas on internet who say men must be dominant over women ?

  4. DarthYuYevon

    I’m on team Heterosexual, non-Feminist. The more the LGBTQ Feminists fight against heterosexual men and women, the more we fight against them. Let the social war continue.

  5. Neightrix Prime

    Toxic masculinity is real, but it only really exists in grade schools where boys don’t have any disciplinary figures and try to bang girls as often as they can get away with.

  6. Basekitball

    The ironic thing is a modern stoic writer got all butt hurt towards me 4 years ago when I suggested stoicism could ve a productive outlet for masculinity.

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