Time Magazine Says That Superheroes Are Like Racist Cops Or Something

A Time magazine article raises the question: Who needs vigilante, hero-complex white people pretending to protect minorities, anyway? Tim points out that we do have some real-world parallels that we might want to address first.

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1,266 Replies to “Time Magazine Says That Superheroes Are Like Racist Cops Or Something”

  1. David Evens

    Southpark had an episode where Cartman decided to become a pirate. He got talked into going to Somalia to try to take over the Somali pirates, on the assumption this would get him killed or at least scare the crap out of him enough to get him to behave better for a while. Of course, being Cartman, the actual outcome is he takes over and becomes the Pirate King.

  2. Tyler Thompson

    I’ve been saying for years that the far left is a branch of mentally ill people. With the promotion, justification, and recruitment of other mentally ill people.

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