Timcast IRL – Trump Has Been PERMANENTLY BANNED, Democrats WILL Impeach w/ Minds CEO

Guest: Minds CEO Bill Ottman @ Minds.com/Ottman

Merch – https://teespring.com/stores/timcast-2

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1,420 Replies to “Timcast IRL – Trump Has Been PERMANENTLY BANNED, Democrats WILL Impeach w/ Minds CEO”

  1. Nathan Simpson

    “We’re vibrating monkey bodies that speak words for a reason.” This should go on the back of the “I am a gorilla.” shirt.

  2. Crouchintiger14

    Trump is going to win this election.. He is going to invoke his first amendment right being taken from his opponent. Known as cheating in most games…politics are created through ones voice . Twitter shunning him on his POTUS account an account meant to be right fully his to be used for all people of America. They stole not the votes but his VOICE! That is cheating against an opponent in a game where speaking is your weapon not used for violence but used for the right to opinion and having your own way of thinking.
    It’s going to be a fraudulent election based of the steal! Done by a cheater!
    He will pardon everyone in this matter who shunned his voice and in doing so the 74 million will rise and elect him in a contingent election! And the house will vote him in

  3. Claude Thomas

    Tim is about a inch lower than me on the chart when seen on a common screen. Us eco authoritarian primitivist leftists like nice things too just smaller and less. I drive a 2016 Forte5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim has similar. I’m looking for a beater truck at the Detroit auctions now too . I domated my other beater truck away to Habitat Restore. I decided I wanted a diesel and 4×4. They got a damn good truck too.

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