Timcast IRL – Trump Has Been Impeached AGAIN, National Guard Brief On MAJOR Threat w/ Allum Bokhari

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Guest – Allum Bokhari

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1,009 Replies to “Timcast IRL – Trump Has Been Impeached AGAIN, National Guard Brief On MAJOR Threat w/ Allum Bokhari”

  1. Peter de Havilland

    Jack Dorsey grants himself moral expediency to gaslight and lie to everyone because he is convinced of his ineffable combination of genius and compassion. The beard, the restricted calorie diet … please… all direct one to a diagnoses of narcissism. Trust me I’m a doctor. Dr. Lurve.

  2. comped

    Imagine “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees” coming outta Tim Pool’s mouth. Dude probably has new knee pads delivered to the house monthly for as much groveling as he does to YouTube alone. Unbelievable cowardice.

  3. Jack Smith

    NAZIs were not right wing. Their name was National Socialist German Workers Party. Their version of Socialism was less radical than their Russian Communist enemies so they were called right wing in comparison. But compared to what Americans consider “right wing”, NAZIs were very far left. Compared to Bolsheviks yes, right wing. Compared to American politics, very left wing.

  4. Peter de Havilland

    Saul Alinsky’s number 1 tip for would be revolutionaries is to accuse your foe of doing the heinous things you’re actually doing to them.

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