Timcast IRL – National Guard Deployed To Kenosha, Rittenhouse pleads NOT GUILTY w/ DontWalkRun

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Guest: Andrew @DontWalkRUN (Twitter)
@Don’t Walk, Run! Productions

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600 Replies to “Timcast IRL – National Guard Deployed To Kenosha, Rittenhouse pleads NOT GUILTY w/ DontWalkRun”

  1. Hazard1nc Games

    2:30:30 no tim, you’re not looking at the fact that the supreme court could look at it and throw it out saying it isn’t a legal issue, forcing a revote.. and Ian, you fuckers all gave me shit about saying I’m not a fan of the party system, but now I hear so many of you saying that. Man, lol I just don’t know what to think lately.

  2. RGM RGM

    Alright I’m done with this channel. Seems it has no idea what the left is actually arguing any more but what the mainstream wants you to think.

    You’ve become no better than fox/msnbc

    Wish you the best Tim.

  3. Objectivityiskey

    1:46:00 It’s called the psychic dictatorship of the old. They don’t have the strength to defend themselves, but they have all the wealth and words to beat the young into submission. It’s just the nature of the progression of the rational grate ape. The problem is that some old great apes just imitate what the rational ones did/do to gain power, and that’s the downfall of the species. Some old great apes pretending to know things they don’t know and implementing this pretend ability into law for outrageous payments. Vampires are real, just not the kind that you find in movies and books.

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